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Welcome to the TTC Group

TTC Group is a life sciences management advisory and multidisciplinary strategic communications firm.

The strategic support we provide is accretive to both enterprise and asset values, while our strategic development programs achieve significant and sustainable market impact by addressing market access and adoption factors early in the development process.

Since 2000, TTC Group has advised clients on a wide range of business and development initiatives, resulting in exits of over $1 billion to date.

Our Unique Talent Proposition

TTC Group comprises a network of seasoned professionals spanning the full range of associated services.

We are collaborators who bring proven experience across the spectrum of life science categories.

Our core philosophy marries scientific integrity and creative focus with disciplined camaraderie to create impactful strategic development programs.

Our Unique Value Proposition

The right team is assembled based on Client needs and objectives.

Our Client teams are integrated for strategic consistency, tactical efficiency and Client convenience.

As a pioneer of lean operating principles, Client charges are allocated based on selected services...not overhead.

The TTC Group Advantage

At TTC Group, we are expert at developing Strategic Development programs designed to characterize and contextualize differentiated value propositions for our Clients’ technologies.

We call this the TTC Group Advantage.

Joining Core and Allied Disciplines

Creating market impact is challenging. It begins with a compelling value proposition. It requires share of mind.

Market impact is most durably developed by engineering consent amongst key stakeholders. It is most efficiently accomplished through savvy Strategic Development programs.

The nexus of Strategic Development is created through the joining of several Core and Allied Disciplines.

Core Strategic Development Process

Our process incorporates a critical “feedback loop”, illustrating the iterative nature of refining the Strategic Development platform through opinion leader engagement and generation of new data.

When combined with the insightful assessment of evolving market dynamics, these factors dictate ongoing refinement and, ideally, expansion of the differentiated value proposition over the lifecycle of the technology.


The Results

Bringing all of these factors together, TTC Group helps our Clients to achieve impressive results.


The TTC Group Advantage

Achieving share of mind amongst key stakeholders for our Clients’ differentiated value proposition results in significant market impact.

This is the TTC Group Advantage.

Our Services

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